About us

AKTIO REAL ESTATE was founded and operates mainly in Epirus, the Ionian Islands as well as in the rest of Greece, offering comprehensive services of consultants, appraisers, and support in the real estate sector.
Our long-term experience, the use of modern operating methods and the continuous training of our partners are the tools that led us to comprehensively understand and expand in the Greek market, offering high quality services with care and trust to fully satisfy your needs.

From the first moment of our activity in the field of Real Estate, our main goals and pillars have been the in-depth understanding and satisfaction of the needs of our clients, the simple and transparent information on the issues related to Real Estate, and the continuous improvement of our services to the modern needs of the real estate sector.


AKTIO Real Estate offers you a range of services, some of which are Real Estate Appraisals, Residential Estate Sales & Leases, Commercial Estate Sales & Leases, Commercial Buildings and Offices, Sales of Ready-to-Operate Businesses, Hotels, etc., Contractual Consideration and Property Development, Purchases & Sales of Land Plots, Real Estate Management, Residential and Business Renovation Service of all kinds, Insurance Services & Bank Loans.


Search and find the right property or land for your needs.


The technical and legal details of the property/building licenses are only an aspect of our know-how.


Construction and supervision of your own house.